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There is only one way to describe Joe, and it is in his name: Joe Flood. Simply saying Joe is an expert in flood only scratches the surface of Joe Flood. Joe is a nationally recognized flood specialist, author, columnist and sought-after speaker on flood insurance, resiliency, community outreach and more.

Joe “Flood” Rossi is seen as one of foremost experts on flood insurance in the nation.  Joe is Chair and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition.  Founded by Joe in 2012, the Coalition is a regional and national nonprofit which educates, advocates, and informs stakeholders on all flood hazards.  

“I have dedicated my life to flood, and in doing so my two primary goals are protecting life and protecting property.  Both can be balanced in a way that our communities and our environment become more resilient at the same time”. -Joe Rossi  


Sought after panelist at nearly every major national flood conference since 2015.

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Agents nationally appointed to the Flood Insurance Producers National Committee (FIPNC)


Syndicated author of the quarterly column "Coastal Connection".

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Joe lead the effort to reduce NFIP premiums in Marshfield, MA saving a total of over $300,000 per year in flood premiums.

Joe is Co-Chair of the National Flood Association’s Legislative Committee, a Board Member on the Independent Insurance Agent and Brokers Association’s Flood Insurance Task Force and a member of the Flood Insurance Producers National Committee.  Joe Chairs the Town of Marshfield, Massachusetts’s Community Rating System (CRS) committee and is on the Massachusetts Association of Floodplain Management’s Board of Directors.  Joe graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in architecture.  Joe began in the field by Chairing the Town of Marshfield Seawall Committee in 2010. 

“I see flood insurance as a tool for community resiliency.  Imagine all the financial resources we have access to as silos.  Flood insurance, and other insurance, is our best and most available resource for individuals and communities to rebound after an event “. -Joe Rossi  

In addition to the professional work Joe does, Joe is a regular contributor to the Claims and Litigation Management magazine, the Big I magazine, published in several newsletters and books and a syndicated newspaper columnist. 

Joe's certifications.

Associate In National Flood Insurance (ANFI)

The Associate In National Flood Insurance designation was developed by The Institutes in cooperation with FEMA, and is the very minimum level of understanding that an agent with an expertise in flood should have to better assist their customers. It certifies advanced proficiency in flood insurance rules and rating.

Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM)

The CFM designation means that the individual can accurately read a flood map, understand natural floodplain cycles, and among other things, understands ordinances and laws communities must follow to properly manage their floodplains. Overall, a CFM enables communities to become more resilient against flood damage.

Joe's mission.

My career started in stakeholder advocacy.  I understand the pains flooding and the financial cost associated with them, cause to not only our community but also the individual.  So my personal mission is to make our communities more resilient to floods, while limiting the cost of flood protection to stakeholders.  I see this possible through following five goals:

  1. Find options to fully insure structures with the best coverage at the most affordable premium.
  2. Promote mitigation as an option to stakeholders, both acquisition and elevations.
  3. Find cost saving methods for our communities to employ.
  4. Encourage and find ways for better floodplain management.
  5. Find ways for the flood industry to function better for the consumer.

Joes recent articles and updates.

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