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Education and Outreach.

One of the most important parts of flood insurance and floodplain management is education. As a nationally recognized flood expert, Joe regularly holds public outreach meetings, flood CEU classes, and office meetings all across the country.

See Joe's role at these institutions and how he can help you with education and outreach.

Joe Flood Insurance Brokerage

Joe Flood Insurance Brokerage, Inc. (JFIB) is the wholesale flood insurance solution for insurance agents. We are born from experience. Built for simplicity.

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Community Rating System (CRS)

Overall, CRS reduces flood premiums for NFIP policy holders in a community that implements CRS, and also makes a community more resilient from flooding events.

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Flood Insurance Producers National Committee (FIPNC)

Joe is one of only six agents nationally on the Flood Insurance Producers National Committee, and one of two representatives from the IIABA.

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Book Joe Flood to educate your organization. Below are some available classes offered by

This three hour CE class takes a deep dive into flood insurance.  The course beings with a comprehensive history of the NFIP, then moves into understanding policy forms, private flood insurance and how to read an elevation certificate.  The course also dives into flood mapping, floodplain management and legislative changes.  

Course Length: 3 hours

CE Credits: MA Insurance Agents receive 3 CEUs

“Flood Errors and Omissions” class takes you through some of the most common E&O claims for flood.  The course focuses on how to eliminate exposures from flood insurance to better protect you as an agent.  The course explains what disclosures and documents the insured must sign off on, as well as reviewing flood policy nuances and how they might create an E&O exposure.  The course reviews the importance of explaining coverages to the insured, as well as how recent legislative changes have given agents more E&O exposure.  

Course Length: 2 hours

CE Credits: MA Insurance Agents receive 2 CEUs

As flooding and flood risk continue to become a major problem in America, clients rely more and more on real estate professionals to help guide them through flood insurance and to help them understand flood risk.  “Flood Insurance in Real Estate” gives real estate professionals a detailed review of flood insurance, and the resources to help your client.  From understanding the parts of a flood policy, to the flood insurance marketplace.  This course also introduces the “real estate roadmap” that gives a real estate perspective on explaining flood risk.  

Course Length: 2 hours

CE Credits: MA Real Estate Agents receive 2 CEUs

Have a small office meeting that you need some basic flood insurance information reviewed?  Joe Flood’s standard real estate office visit is a perfect fit for your educational needs.  Joe can customize a presentation for your office, in settings with 5 people or 50.  Information can include recent flooding events, flood insurance, flood mapping, reading an elevation certificate, building standards, and more. 

Course Length: 30 minutes to 2 hours

Audience: real estate professionals 

CE Credits: none

*denotes a class with CE credit


Joe is one of the most sought after speakers in the flood insurance industry. From event keynotes to conference panelist. Joe Flood has spoken at dozens of conferences across the country. Joe speaks with enthusiasm on many different topics, but what sets Joe apart is his perspective. As both a nationally recognized flood insurance agent, community official, and nonprofit Chair, Joe has the ability to put all the pieces together to provide a comprehensive and lively discussion. Book Joe Flood today to give a keynote, be a conference panelist, or speak to your organization about one of America's most costly and frequent natural perils; flood.

Some of the organizations that have asked Joe to speak.

Torrent Technologies

National Flood Conference

Association of State Floodplain Managers

National Flood Association

National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure

See Joe's role at these institutions and how he can speak at your next event.

The Massachusetts Coastal Coalition

The MCC’s mission is simple: educate, advocate, and inform professionals and stakeholders regionally and nationally on flood hazards.

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Community Rating System (CRS)

Overall, CRS reduces flood premiums for NFIP policy holders in a community that implements CRS, and also makes a community more resilient from flooding events.

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Images of some of Joe's keynotes.

Book Joe Flood to speak at your next event. Below are some recent presentations and keynotes.

When an agent is presented with a client who needs flood insurance, there are many options now in the flood marketplace.  There are over 140 companies offering private flood options.  Those options can offer better coverage at a better price.  But not always.  Without an agents due diligence, insureds may be missing out on the benefits from the NFIP.  This keynote begins by talking about the penalties of leaving or not at least looking at the National Flood Insurance Program.  Then, we dive into the process an agent should go through in order to write the flood policy.  The course will review underwriting guidelines, examples of both the NFIP and private flood insurance, and how they can also work together. 

Course Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Audience: Insurance agents, real estate professionals 

Flood insurance is typically viewed as that pesky lender required policy that will never pay out.  But time and time again, floods show us that those communities that are well insured rebound faster.  In ‘Flood Insurance as a Tool For Community Resiliency”, Joe gives a unique perspective of flood insurance, as being viewed as a “bank account” for community resiliency.  As part of the presentation, Joe reviews the other “silos” of financial resiliency, proving that flood insurance is the best tool for recovery.  

Course Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Also available for half day seminar.

Audience: Anyone looking to broaden the appeal of flood insurance, and get a different perspective of flood risk. 

Right now, many are considering whether to pay their bills, or feed their family.  And the bandwidth for many has been shortened and focused on our health and finances, and rightfully so. 

But flood Insurance continues to be your best financial recovery tool. Flood insurance is available any time, and with the right product, can be relatively inexpensive. 

In this keynote, Joe talks about how to keep flood risk awareness alive, and keep you protected and insured while also dealing with the COVID-19 disaster.

Joe talks about private flood insurance, as an alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Private flood can, in some cases, offer more coverage with lower cost.  To help lower NFIP flood premiums and flood risk, some communities have participated in the Community Rating System (CRS).  Joe presents how CRS enables  a community to reduce the cost of flood insurance for all of its citizens, provided the community performs certain risk reduction actions. 

The keynote discusses other ways to protect property and people, and motivates the audience to communicate flood risk in unique ways in our very different world. 

Course Length: 30 – 45 minutes.

Audience: General stakeholders concerned about flood insurance costs; Those in positions to communicate flood risk; Insurance and real estate professionals, community officials. 

See how Joe has saved people thousands in flood insurance.

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