The Massachusetts Coastal CoalitionJoe's Role: Executive Director

The Massachusetts Coastal Coalition (MCC) is a nationally recognized 501c3 non-profit whose members are stakeholders interested or affected by flood hazards. The MCC mission is simple: educate, advocate, and inform professionals and stakeholders regionally and nationally on flood hazards.

Joe established the MCC on February 2, 2012 as the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition (MCCC) as a means to better communicate coastal hazards and information about coastal infrastructure to citizens. Originally focused on only local coastal infrastructure issues, the MCCC became experts in informational outreach on flood insurance and mapping issues after the passage of the Biggert-Waters Act of 2012 (BW-12).  Since then, the MCC has grown its knowledge base, established a formal Board of Directors, and became a 501c3 organization.

With unique products and services, the MCC continues to serve stakeholders and communities first.  Executive Director, Joe Rossi, travels the country each year to speak at various national conferences. The MCC is always growing and looking for new members. 

The MCC mission The mission of the MCC is to educate, advocate, and inform professionals and stakeholders regionally and nationally, on flood hazards.

The MCC goals

  1. Keep stakeholders informed of flood hazard issues that may affect their community, industry, or organization
  2. To maintain clear communication and form partnerships with committees, organizations, and government entities to carry out our mission
  3. Represent MCC members at local/regional/national events, meetings, and other stakeholder events
  4. Present and distribute educational material relevant to the mission to stakeholders
  5. Provide educational opportunities and other benefits for MCC members

Become a member

As the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition grows, so does their mission to stakeholders.  The MCC has created a membership program to make stakeholders a participating constituent of the organization.  Among other benefits, the membership program comes with an annual meeting, where members have a chance to get to know the MCC, and help determine its future.

Most of the interactions with stakeholders will require you to become a member.  Membership is free, and requires some information found in the link below.  Once complete, you are a member and have unlimited, lifetime access to the MCC. 

Note: The information provided to the MCC is not sold or distributed to any other organization, corporation, or anyone other than the MCC.  

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