MASSFMJoe's Role: Member of the Board of Directors

Joe is a Board member on the Massachusetts Association of Floodplain Management Board Of Directors.  MassFM assists and helps educate those who manage floodplains, and who engage in associated professions, within the Massachusetts and the region.  MassFM serves as a forum for education, promotes the exchange of ideas, and increases public awareness about floodplain hazards and management practices.

As the association continues its mission, it will solicit the thoughts, ideas, concerns, and issues related to floodplain management from its members to affect and integrate better management practices within public policy. MassFM strives to be inclusive across multiple disciplines, regardless of means.

MassFM, as it continues to grow, will be a critical partner in educating our floodplain professionals.  MassFM is dedicated to be a supportive framework for those who manage floodplains, and who engage in associated professions, within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and surrounding states.

The MassFM mission MassFM's mission is to create a forum for the exchange of local knowledge about floodplain management, to share that knowledge with the public, to inform municipal and statewide policies and procedures, and to improve the Commonwealth’s ability to mitigate flood hazards now and in the future.

Read the MassFM newsletter

Each quarter, MassFM issues a newsletter from experts on the Board and beyond.  In doing this, MassFM keeps the floodplain specialists up to date with ongoing information in the state and nation.  Read the latest edition and stay informed. 

Attend a MassFM event

One of MassFM’s primary goals is to educate those that care for floodplains.  Over time, MassFM hosts various events across the state and region.  Find out when MassFM is hosting a training in your region. 

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